Brown Dirt Farm   Whitwell, TN 

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Mushroom Cultivation

This little project has taken us many years to bring to fruit.  After lots of reading, dreaming, and preparation we are now running and very excited about growing mushrooms right here on the farm.  Currently we are focused on Oysters, delicate, delicious, and relatively easy to offer on a steady basis. 
Find the Blue Oyster and our Sequatchie-native Valley Pearl during the cold season. Then look out for some wild colors like pink and gold oysters during the warm summer months.   
   The mushrooms we eat are the fruit of the Fungi.  Pictured left is the body of the fungi, known as Mycelium.  It is growing on wheat berries.  This is also called grain spawn and we mix it with our fruiting media (wheat straw) to produce those lovely, yummy clusters. 
   At this moment, our plant greenhouse is being used temporarily as our mushroom fruiting house. We're looking forward to building another hoop house and devoting it entirely to mushrooms.  Coming soon......