Brown Dirt Farm   Whitwell, TN 

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About Us

Who We Are

We have been striving to make farming our profession since 2006. Working for other farmers and making home gardens, we have learned a great deal about plants and what gets them growing.  

At Brown Dirt Farm, we want to produce the highest quality food, fresh for your enjoyment and health.  Utilizing years of study and experience, we aim to provide a product that not only tastes and smells good, it is good for you as well.  We choose to not use chemical fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, or plant growth regulating hormones because we have not seen their benefits outweighing their cost. Our growing practices include organic and biodynamic concepts, allowing the Earth to provide the most productive and natural environment. Using reduced humus and composted cow manure in our garden beds, we focus on growing the soil and let Nature take care of the rest.     

Find us at the Market:

Sunday : The Chattanooga 

               Market, 11-4



Thursday:  Signal Mountain

                  Farmers' Market, 4-6

                  (4-5:30 winter)