Brown Dirt Farm

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In the summer of 2012, Scott and Brooke Brown founded Brown Dirt Farm with over 1000 heirloom tomato plants, of which they sold to local Chattanooga, TN restaurants, and at several Chattanooga, TN farmers' markets. With the money they made from the tomato patch, they invested in greenhouses and 5,600 strawberry plants, building the base for the future of Brown Dirt Farm. Today, Brown Dirt Farm currently sells at three different Chattanooga area farmers' markets and offers a pre-order program via e-mail, delivering in season produce to families in the Chattanooga area at their market locations.  You can also find Brown Dirt Farm produce in many Chattanooga area restaurants.

Why Us?

Brown Dirt Farm is deeply rooted in the ideals of local economy.  We believe in the value of the local dollar.  Brown Dirt Farm agrees that money spent locally not only helps our neighboring businesses, it makes our community stronger.  Through promoting local agriculture, by growing fruits and vegetables, we hope to increase the vibrancy of the Chattanooga area, offering our customers a closer relationship to their food and to the farmers who grow it.  We spare no expense to bring our customers the very best, most nutritionally dense food the earth has to offer.