Brown Dirt Farm   Whitwell, TN 

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Brown Dirt Farm was started in 2012 by Brooke and Scott Brown in a small field next to the Sequatchie River near Dunlap Tennessee.  Through trial and error, success and failure, Brown Dirt Farm has since moved and grown into a nine acre field with more than four acres currently under cultivation. 

You can find our produce at five different Chattanooga area farmers' markets.  During the prime growing season you may also enjoy Brown Dirt Farm produce at a number of Chattanooga area restaurants.

Why choose us?

Brown Dirt Farm is deeply rooted in the idea of local economy.  We understand the value of the local dollar.  As a small business, we have experienced how money spent locally not only helps our neighboring businesses, it makes our community stronger.  Through promoting local agriculture, by growing fruits and vegetables, we hope to increase the awareness of local food production in the Chattanooga area, offering our customers a closer relationship to what they eat as well as to the individuals who provide it.  We spare no expense to bring you, our customers, the very best, most nutritionally dense food the Earth has to offer.   Thanks for visiting us!